Tuesday, February 15, 2011

January Birthday & CNY Celebration

Our parents with teachers taking photos~
Some parents giving ang pau to the children and teachers…thanks, gong xi gong xi~~

Guess who is our principal?? ^_^
(OMG~ the teachers are all so beautiful~~~~ >.<""")

Our teacher with our children~~~

friends forever~ ^^V

Birthday celebration with fun games
blowing bubbles~

Our birthday boy~~~

Best friend forever^^

Birthday boy^^V

Yum yum  time to eat~
fried mee hoon and cakes~
fish ball, sausages, jelly, fruits, cookies……………………….~

Because of our parents support we had this wonderful  birthday & CNY celebration ~
Thank you for the support toward Tunas~
let's create a safe and warmth environment for our children to learn and grow!!!!

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