Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Educational Trip to Carrefour

15th April 2011
We held an Educational Trip to carrefour
and guess what..

All the parents and children came along with us...

Little bakers – we had fun  baking bread at Carrefour~~

Bonding time - children and parents making the bread together~~~ =)

Parents  loving interaction with their child~

After we finish baking our bread, we have our breakfast at Carrefour~

We straight away start our Art & Craft after we finished our breakfast~

during this session, our parents can learn more about their children
see how they finish their task.

we can also see our parents' commitment toward our children.

Our little performers

the  Art & Craft winners~~

the third prize

the runner up~

the Champion……

Shopping time…yeah…..
Children were given RM5.00 to buy the things that they want on their own…..~

Ooops time to go~
Though exhausted, we had a wonderful time
At Carrefour~~

Already looking forward to the coming activities~~ =)

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