Sunday, February 12, 2012

Synae Concert & Lantern Festival

The 5th Synae Concert, fashion show & lantern festival celebration held on 26.8.2011

Prior the concert.

The opening ceremony was hosted by the Wan Yuan Yun .
Visalakshi our 1st participant in our fashion show . 

During the entertaining show.

“Oh bee”, “Tunas” and “1 Malaysia”

Joelle Tan with her appreciation rhyme.

“ Pakai baju warna biru,
Pergi sekolah pukul Satu
Kami sayang cikgu
Kerana cikgu beri ilmu.”
Terima kasih

Khor wei yi  :
“Teacher-teacher I love you..
Thanks for all u do,
I am happy
When I think of u..”
Thank you..
All parents participated in our “Lantern Making Competition”  using recycle materials provided.

The lantern is judged base on the creativity and imagination within the time limit given.

The  winners are………………..
Lee Jia Hong (3rd)
Hiap Qi Wen (2nd )
Khor Wei Y(1st)

Our 2011 Annual “Happiness Tree”
The winners for Happiness Tree goes to:

3rd,  Joelle Tan.

2nd  Jeremy Josh Fernandez.
1st , Lim Meng Cheer.

  “Lucky Draw” for all the children who participated . 

Parents, children and teachers enjoying a scrumptious dinner buffet.

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