Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bounding button is an art project sincerely organized by PLBKIT calling out to all parents, guardians,teachers and the public to create a piece of art made of recycled button as a signature of the parent and child's bonding. 

Prize will be awarded to the top 5 piece of button art with the most inspiring representation of bounding.

Step to make bonding button

Step 1:Prepare Materials
Any type of recycled cloth(felt);all kinds of recycled buttons;sewing kid or super glue.

Step 2:Measurement
Your actual art piece should not exceed 14cm x 14 cm, please do leave a 2cm seam allowance.

Step 3:Design
If you fulfill the above requirements,then you are free to start designing your one and only "Bounding Buttons"

It is very important that you do not include anything impenetrable within the border space. Our due date is 01-07-2012.


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