Thursday, January 27, 2011

About Us

PLBKIT consists of a group of educational teachers and allied helpful professionals who understand  the
predicament faced by families with children who have learning and living difficulties.

PLBKIT offers holistic care from educational programme to living skills programme for young children.  
Our professional team help identify and enable each child to maximise his or her potential.
  1. To help slow learner overcome learning difficulties.
  2. To improve children understanding and analyzing skill.
  3. To provide a conducive environment for children to optimize learning.
  4. To nurture good attitude and behavior among children.
  5. To impart living skill to children so that they can cope with their daily tasks independently.
  6. To encourage social interaction and communication.
  7. To improve gross motor and fine motor skills.
  8. To understand the value of money.
  9. To enable children to recognize survival signs.
  10. To expose children to science & nature.
  11. To reduce hyperactivity & soothe emotion.
  12. To improve children creativity & imagination skill.
  13. Enhance sensitivity towards own surrounding.
  14. To provide computer knowledge.
  15. To build up confidence and self-esteem.

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  1. May i know the cost of the program for early intervention (2y) . U may email me :