Thursday, January 27, 2011

Assesment Procedure

Psychoeducational Evaluation
Psychoeducational evaluation is a developmental approach for children with developmental disorders. Scores will help to design "Individualized Educational Plan".
For effective post assessment, we provide consultation with parents and caretakers to design & implement appropriate educational, behaviour management and strategies based on the child's strengths and needs.

During a brain exercise session, one uses his/her brainwaves to control a computer game. No hand! By doing so, one actually learns to control the brainwave activities. Over time, the person becomes better in controlling his/her brainwaves, leading to better mental functions.
Lasting Effects
Upon being successful in controlling one’s brainwave patterns, the individual can experience a change in brain functioning such as better focus and thinking ability. Once learnt, a person can retain this ability for a long time, even without the brain exercise. It is like swimming or cycling. Once learnt, it stays with you forever! Can a successful outcome be predicted ?

YES! If one  has learnt to change his/her brainwaves at will, there will be discernable changes.
  1. Improve Learning,  Speech, Languages & Memory
  2. Improve Focus
  3. Increase Attention Span Increase Alertness Better Sleep
  4. Reduce Anxiety
  5. Reduce Stress
  6. Peak Performance in Work and Sports

Hair Analysis
Feeling Bad and don't know why?
Life is short, why not feel the best you can!
A simple nutritional assesment hair analysis can reveal the possible reason.
Fatigue, Legathy, Poor stamina mood swings, Irritable, Anxiety short attention span, Poor focus... and more.

What is Hair Analysis?
Hair analysis is a scientific test , which measures the mineral content of the hair.
A small sample of hair from the scalp is sampled and sent to a licensed laboratory for analysis.
Highly sophisticated equipment at the laboratory accurately identifies and measures the amount of minerals in the hair.
The Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) Of The U.S.A.
Hair is the tissue of choice by the EPA in determining toxic metal exposure. A 1980 report from the EPA stated that human hair can be effectively used for biological monitoring of the highest priority toxic metals.This report confirmed the findings of other studies in the US and aboard , which concluded that human hair tissue may be a more appropriate tissue than blood or urine for studying community exposure to some trace alements.
Example : Thirty to forty days following an acute exposure to lead , the serum level of lead may be undetectable.This is due to the body removing lead from the serum as a protective measure and depositing the lead into tissues such as the liver , bones , teeth and hair.

Physical or emotional stress can deplete the body of many nutrients.It also reduces the capability to absorb and utilize many nutrients.

Both prescription and OTC medications can deplete the body of essential nutrient minerals.

Continuous exposure to a variety of toxic metal sources : cigarette smoke (cadmium), hair dyes,hydrogenated oils , antiperspirants , aluminium cookware and etc.
Taking incorrect type of supplements or improper amounts can contribute to mineral imbalances or deficies in the body.
A predisposition toward mineral imbalances or deficiencies , and excesses can be inherited from parents.
Books :

  1. Trace Element and Other Essential Nutrients – Clinical Application of Tissue Mineral Analysis , Dr David Watts
  2. Prescrition for Nutritional Healing , James F.Balch , M.D ; Phyllis A. Balch , CNC.

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