Wednesday, January 26, 2011

14 January 2011 Picnic Outing

The main purpose we had this Picnic Outing is to let our children to explore and experience the wonderful environment, at the same time also let the children have plenty of fun with their friends and teachers!! 

14 Jan 2011
Our first picture with our children at Setia Indah Park!!
Hurray!!!  =)

Time for excercise!!
stretch your arm from left to right!!
Soooo Cute~~~ ^^

See the children playing with the kites~~
Run! Run! Run!
Follow the wind~~~

Time for some foot massage~~~
Ouch!!! >.<
Is painful!!!!
But see our children were enjoying the foot massage so much~~ ^^

See our principle, Ms Yeow teaching our children how to enjoy the wonderful foot massage~~

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